Build A Home for our bear

We had an afternoon of crafting fun Copenhagen studio, where 10 Minimakers joined us at

this year’s first workshop.

We dived into Fabelab’s enchanted universe and created a habitat for our beloved Lazy Bear.

The first task was a design study to define the Bear’s needs. 

What does the Bear eat, what does it dream about and who are it’s friends. All kids came up with different ideas, which resulted in Luxury Bears, Friendly Bears, Nature loving Bears and magic Bears.

Then they all made a sketch of how their Bear’s home could look like and their skills of how to translate their first ideas into a design were great and we had a lot of fun talking them through.

Then we handed ou the building materials Every Minimaker received a cardboard box including a few fabric and paper pieces and bag of various felt shapes, a hot glue gun and scissors.

Even though everyone received the same material, every design turned out totally unique.

We hope to see you at our next workshop!

 Talented Nanna from CreatingA guided the Minimakers through 2 hours of crafting and fun. 

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