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Mermaid Wands

Create your own Magic Mermaid Wands! For this easy and rewarding craft, me and the girls used the cardboard form Fabelab's packaging.


Our sliding boxes from the Fabelab Dreamy Friends and Wand packaging make the perfect base for this cute townhouse DIY.

Fabelab DIY Camera

Don't throw away those rattle and cuddle packages! Download our free template and guide for creating a toy camera using the packaging and a little bit of imagination.

Nisse Paper Doll

Turn our Dreamy Friend Nisse into a moveable paper doll with this simple craft. Cut out the doll shapes, punch out the two holes marked on each arm and leg and use butterfly clips to attach the arms and the legs to the body.

Creepy Spider

Create this beautiful and fresh Halloween backdrop using our paper flowers! Download and print these creepy spiders to add to the backdrop, and you've spun yourself a web!

Paper Lantern

Create a little lantern for your Saint Martin’s Lantern Walk. A tradition celebrated in Germany and Austria, St. Martin’s Day celebrates the gracious St. Martin who shared his cloak with a freezing beggar.

Mini Fall Mobile

Make this cute hanging-decoration for the last glowy days of autumn. Print, colour in, cut out and glue leaves together with a string in between - you can also use this as template and trace the cut-outs on your own choice of paper.

Spooky Treats

Here at home, we love making things and the girls are diligent collectors of any empty containers and especially paper rolls, which we have a big box of!

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