Welcome to the MiniMakers’ universe!

MiniMakers is Fabelab’s platform for creativity providing DIY ideas and craft kits for kids and the whole family.

As advocates of slow living and spending quality time together with the ones you love, MiniMakers is our way of sharing essential creative skills and inspiring parents and kids to sit down together work on fun and imaginative projects, to lose track of time spending an afternoon crafting and being spontaneous.

In our Copenhagen design studio and at home with our kids, we are constantly experimenting with new crafts and unique projects.

We want to build a creative community that can inspire and learn from one another.

When kids are given access to creative and artistic tools, their whole perspectives and ways of seeing the world shifts. Their worlds expand. Giving your kids a creative outlet is one of the best gifts you can give.

The creative process is really about creating possibilities and making sense of the world.


With MiniMakers, we provide the tools for developing important skills through creativity:

Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, visual perception, concentration, fine motor skills, empathy, imagination, curiosity, Improving self esteem and we could go on…

Our MiniMakers line is a range of special DIY kits, everything from simple felt projects, to more complicated sewing projects, to fun fabric-knotting DIYs.

In addition to our DIY kits, you can find ideas and inspiration for sustainable craft projects, where we give you everything but the materials.

Share your completed and in-progress projects with us! Join the community on Instagram: @fabelab.minimakers #fabelabminimakers

Let’s make something together!



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